eagle lab's

John Carell


Effective measure in the continuous strand meat.
The Stream Analyzer is fixed at the outlflow of the meat grinder. It has an automatically working, patented sampler, which makes it possible to measure the meat completely in a continuous strand.  The fat content of the currently handled meat is thus in real time known and can be used to control the set points of the product.
Additionally, the system can be targeted in the corresponding machine peripherals such as scales, meat grinder, belt or auto switches and interact with them.
The analysis and charging system is customized individually and integrated in the production process   in close cooperation with the client.

Measurement at grinder outflow:     

  • Customized grinder adaptation:
  • The device can be adapted to already in operation located grinder and mixer systems
  • Fully automatic operating sampler with internal processing and NIR transmittance measurement unit for the analysis of a continuous strand of meat
  • Results and batch control are displayed
  • Stainless steel, temperature-regulated housing  in IP 67 and TCP network connection