eagle lab's

John Carell


near infrared transmission

eagle lab's offers a sophisticated portfolio of Fast-Analysis-Systems. We started establishing the first NIR-Instuments for meat in the marked at 1994. 
The "aquila" analyzer is designed for real fast determination of contents in foodstuffs. We dispose calibrations to measure the contents water, fat, protein and others in rawmeat. Our instruments are suitable for variable use, such as in-line, at-line and off-line (lab).

Our NIR-Systems:

chem. rapid method

This method has proven itself for over 30 years. It provides a very reliable alternative to standard classical analysis. The system is characterized by incredibly fast results and is unique in the world market. Analysis for almost all foods and ease of use, supported by a laboratory data - handling -software.
In a few minutes, the measurement results are available. The accuracy of these results is comparable to the standard methods.
Water determination in the "microlab" within 4 minutes.
Determination of fat in the "cutlab" within 8 minutes.
ONF (protein) and ash in conventional muffle furnace within 30 minutes