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Based on scientific studies, we have developed our first fast meat analyzers in the 1970s, in close cooperation with various meat institutes. We are therefore undisputed pioneer in this field.

Whenever it comes to the matter of analysis in the production of food and meat processing, we are an dependable partner. Our portfolio includes items for the use in continous and discontinous analysis matters. The most successful system in the market is our chemical quick system "cutlab", to determine the fat content in all foods wihin 8 minutes. Manufacturing and distributing of this item is one of our worldwide unique sales positions.

The University of Applied Sience in Lippe, played an major role in the development of some of our devices. Leader for the scientific evaluation of projects was Prof.  Dr. Achim Stiebing, FH-Lippe. Teams of students have compared and validated the analysis results of our rapid methods in long series of studies with the requirements prescribed by law standard methods, for the determination of water, fat and protein.

The Federal Institute for Meat Research in Kulmbach has issued extensive scientific papers about our systems by Dr. Wolfgang Arneth. In the so-called "Kulmbacher Series" the evaluation of rapid methods as well as the representative sampling in meat processing is handled.

In the University of Applied Sience in Anhalt in Bernburg we are currently pursuing further sientific studies. Together with Prof. Dr. Dr. Schneckel and his team, it comes to improving our online analyzer with automatic sampler "stream analyzer". The study, aim to improve this product for the reliable use in the meat industry under specific enviromental conditions.

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